HopeBook is totally different with lending or Ponzi as below describe in short:

- Where is money?

          + Lending or Ponzi is centralized fund where money is on the hand of company/ association owning the Lending/ Ponzi system. There is no guarantee that scam will not come with these funds.

          + HopeBook is decentralized fund, all money deposited directly to Smart Contract address and it is official public; everyone can check the balance. No one can control the platform even HopeBook's developers who coded the system. Scam is obviously unavailable.

- Money rotation principles?

          + Lending or Ponzi base on pyramid scheme, money take from new comers for old and older users. That's is unfair and high risk of scam.

          + In HopeBook, there is no old-new user. When a funding circle finished, user got 300% profit, money sent to their private wallet, the funding stop . If user continue investment, they need to deposit and start the circle again. We recommend the pyramid scheme for the purpose of gaining the community only.

- Risk of being hacked?

          + Lending or Ponzi is developed by personal so it not hard to understand that being hacked is just soon or late.

          + HopeBook is developed base on Smart Contract and Blockchain technology so all transactions are automatic, transparent, cannot fake and control by anyone. Hacking a Blockchain and Smart Contract system is totally unavailable.

- Can refund?

          + Lending or Ponzi: unavailable to refund

          + HopeBook: based on features of Blockchain, no one can control the platform, but with 51% or more voting for recall, it still available. In case the community totally agree to refund, money can send back to each user.